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Fresh Red Guava – An Appealing Fruit Rich In Nutrients

Posted by Admin on October, 28, 2021

Fresh Red Guava is easily available in the market all through the year. The fruit has amazing quality and health benefits.
Guava is known as one of the refreshing fruits that can enjoy by everyone. The smell of fruit is full of aroma and gives the high feeling of refreshing deliciousness. The title of the fruit is itself striking. Guava's colors range from yellow to green and dark purple and the fruit's flavor can range from sweet to tart.
Fresh red guava is best known as the aromatic jewels that grow on standard-sized evergreen trees about 10-15 meters tall. The fruits are just round to slightly ovate shape and size of a tennis ball and normal about 8-10 cm in diameter. The smooth green skin ripens to a golden yellow and is somewhat non-descript in look with intermittent brown spotting.
Guava works as a wonderful appetizer. The fruit lovers can easily add them as salad when you are planned to serve out. Using it as an appetizer, you can carry out it by dipping it on honey or even cheese with melted cream. For more striking but refreshing goodies, you can add up some slicing of oranges, strawberries, oranges, peaches, and guavas topped.
The special tropical fruit shows the inner salmon pink flesh is semi-soft, amazing in texture, similar to pears, and holds small round yellowish seeds that may be taken out but sometimes eaten completely. Red guavas possess a sweet musky smell that can just be called seductive with the steamy notes of papaya and melon. They have a sensible acidity and are rather sweet. Moreover, they are best known as the sweetest of all the guava choices.
The guava with its special taste, flavor, pink-colored pulp, and several health-promoting qualities, the fruit quickly fits in the new practical foods group, often known as “super-fruits.” Pink guava, different from the white guava possesses a pink-colored sweet pulp overloaded with seeds.
The oval shape with the rough outer shape is frequently with a bitter taste and sweetness. According to the many types of research performed by the experts, this good-looking fruit fights against prostate cancer which good news for everyone.
In tropical areas, guavas are easily available all over the year. The variety of the Red flesh including "Thai maroon" flesh guavas is highly rich in nourishment as compared to the green-colored guavas. Many times, the fruits are left to mature on the tree to experience their strong and natural flavor. The green color guava is picked and later allowed to ripe at room temperature.

The amazing fruit is greatly advised to cope with different health concerns. It is a good choice for curing high blood pressure, cholesterol, constipation treatment, and congested lungs, etc. It is even expected to strengthen the heart and get a better circulation of blood.
You can place your order for the fresh guava online and get the delivery at the doorstep. The prices are so affordable and match every pocket.

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