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How To Understand If The Pineapple You Are Buying Is Fresh And Ripe Or Not?

Posted by Admin on July, 23, 2021

Pineapple is a fun fruit to have and given its popularity, pineapple most certainly deserves the crown over its head. But, to pick up the perfectly ripe fresh pineapple, you need to do some more digging other than just going by the colour and appearance. Paying close attention is essential to make sure that you choose the right pineapple. Here are some of the key things that you must keep in mind while choosing pineapple.

The Texture of The Fruit is Essential
The first and foremost thing that you would need to check as signs of healthy fruit is the colour. The leaves of the pineapple should be vibrant, healthy and green as they define the freshness of the fruit. In a general context, the exterior of the fruit should have a greenish-yellow colour and this colour indicates if the fruit is properly ripe or not.
This is essential to be checked because the hue of pineapples gradually change from green to yellow as it ripens. But sometimes, even the green pineapples can be ripe and hence, it is essential to consider the other factors as well.

Give it a Little Squeeze to Check its Softness
The texture of the fruit may not be the best way to deduce if the fruit is ripe or not. The texture and colour of the fruit can be misleading and therefore, giving the pineapple a little squeeze can be a smart way to check the fruit. For a ripe pineapple, it is likely for it to have a firm outer shell but it should be slightly softer on the inside. When squeezed, if the pineapple is completely solid, it is not likely to be ripe.

Does it Smell Sweet?
When you are trying to understand if the pineapple is ripe or not, the best way to do is by smelling it. With the help of Fresh Pineapple Suppliers, you can get the best quality pineapples in the market. And to verify their quality, you can simply smell the fruit; if the pineapple smells sweet at the bottom, it is ripe. If the base of the pineapple lacks any odour, it is not completely ripe. While on the other hand, if the pineapple tends to have a bitter or pungent smell, it is more likely to have over ripped.

Measure The Weight Properly
To check whether the pineapples you have received with the help of Fresh Pineapple Suppliers or not, you can do so by simply checking the weight of the pineapples. Assessing the weight of the pineapples is a very effective way of measuring the complete ripeness of the fruit. A pineapple that feels heavier concerning its size is more likely to be ripe than the others. Being heavier also means that the pineapple may be juicier and therefore a lot sweeter and much more palatable.

The Fronds Should Give Away The Freshness
Another extremely simple way to deduce if the pineapple is ripe or not is by gently pulling the fronds of the pineapple. The fronds are essentially the green leafy part of the fruit that overhang from the top of the fruit. In the case of fresh pineapple, it should be very easy to pull out the fronds indicating that the pineapple can be enjoyed right away. If the fronds are difficult to pull out, then the fruit is perhaps not ripped yet.

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