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Natural Black Cardamom- Most Admired Spice Of India

Posted by Admin on July, 09, 2021

Black Cardamom is also commonly known as “Badi Elaichi” and comes in the category of warm spices. The black cardamom pods are picked much after they reach maturity and then they are dried over smoke. This process of drying gives them a unique smoky flavor and adding these cardamoms to any dish can give it an earthy aroma and a wonderful taste. Black cardamom is widely used in different cuisines such as Indian and Middle Eastern due to its delectable flavour and intense aroma. The extracted oil from the seeds of this spice is widely used for aromatherapy as an essential oil. Storing black cardamom spice in an airtight jar at a cool and day place is very essential to retain the natural aroma.

Natural black cardamoms are the ones that have been grown organically without the use of any harmful synthetic fertilizers or GMOs. They are not only better for health but also for the environment.

Attributes of a Natural Black Cardamom:-

• Sun Dried
• Dark brown to Black in colour
• An inch long
• Wrinkly skin
• Intense aroma

Culinary uses of Natural Black Cardamom

• Add it to the boiling water to cook rice and lentils in order to make it more flavourful.
• Sauté it with the vegetables to make special Indian curries.
• Roast and grind the whole black Cardamom with other spices to make aromatic garam masala and biryani masala.
• Make pan masala to stimulate the taste buds.
There are numerous ways this queen of spices can be used in your daily life in order to improve your well-being. Apart from intensifying and enhancing the taste of dishes, this peppery and smokey aromatic spice has many health benefits. Some of them are enlisted below-
• Black Cardamom helps in dealing digestive problems such as acidity, bloating, nausea, constipation, loss of appetite and other similar issues by stimulating gastric and intestinal glands.
• This spice also promotes detoxification by eliminating body waste through kidneys.
• It helps in maintaining cardiovascular health by regularising blood pressure levels and reducing the possibilities of blood clot.
• It also protects your body from heat stroke during scorching summer.
• Black Cardamom works as an excellent remedy for treating respiratory troubles such as asthma, cough, congestion.
• Many dental problems such as gum & teeth infection and bad breath can be treated with this spice.
• It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties in order to boost the immunity and fight against various viruses.

More than 50% of the world’s total production of black cardamom is grown in India and that’s why it is highly used in Indian cooking especially savoury and spicy dishes. This third most expensive spice is easily available in the market year-round. Hence, there are a number of Natural Black Cardamom suppliers in India in order to satisfy the demand of this spice.

Some of the virtues of suppliers of Natural Black Cardamom are as follows-

• They offer genuine products which are procured from the best of farms.
• They have a competent team of dedicated professionals to regularly inspect products on various parameters.
• They make sure to timely deliver products without any inconvenience.
• They use high quality packaging material so that the freshness of the products is retained.
• They have sufficient capacity to deliver both small and bulk quantities of black cardamom to any part of the country.
• They offer natural black cardamom at affordable prices.

Thus, it can be stated Natural Black Cardamom is actually one of the costliest and popular spices in the world. However, the pleasant taste that it gives to dishes and its health benefits make it totally worth it. Therefore, you must be very diligent about where you buy it from.

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